Aravilar Greycastle


Aravilar is a half-elf. His father, Syriith Aendryr, is a green elf from the Wealdath of Tethyr and his mother is Mina Greycastle of Saradush. Syriith is a bard who travels the Lands of Intrigue as well as the environs of the Lake of Steam, meaning that he saw little of his son.

It was apparent from an early age that Aravilar inherited much of his father’s sense of adventure and wanderlust. Often, he would, even at the young age of 13, spend days on end exploring the area around Saradush, seeking out “treasure,” as he would call it (though his mother tended to consider it junk). On one visit to see the mother of his child and his son, Syriith regaled Aravilar with tales of the history of his elven heritage. He told Aravilar that originally his family was from the fallen elven kingdom of Eillur, now located in the Thornwood. Syriith told such wonderful stories that Aravilar felt destined that he must seek out anything he could about his family’s ancestral lands, whether that be lost lore, items that still existed, or information that could lead him to such things.

So when he found himself in Duhlnarim, Erlkazar, staring at a request for adventurers to explore the Vale of the Reaver, he knew the opportunity of his lifetime was in front of him. He gathered Virgil Firemane, Jamven Mongothsbeard and Simon Magus, as well as met Orla Shae on the way there, and set out to discover his history.

His deity, Oghma, presented Aravilar with a deeper knowledge of his history during a powerful summer thunderstorm. The Lorebinder imparted Aravilar with the knowledge that his elven family dealt with djinnis, to include physically consorting with them. This led Aravilar to begin exploring the sorcerous bloodlines he possessed.

Aravilar Greycastle

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