Kingmaker - Vale of the Reaver

Vanquishing the Stag Lord

To High Lorekeeper Telthaunt,

I guess it is time to update you again with another missive for our archives. I will regale you now with how we defeated the Stag Lord and created our kingdom of Olmarum.

We continued our exploration of the Vale of the Reaver east of the Stag Lord’s fort. We headed west towards the fort before heading to the northwest. Along the way, we met and spoke with some trappers, another sign of how remote the area was in a number of ways. We discovered many different river crossings while we explored. Some were easy; others were very dangerous, as I will write about.

We entered the southern expanse of the hilly area in the vale and discovered a moldering body underneath a tree. Virgil was very happy to discover a moldy spellbook as well as a wand. We chose to head northeast from there and discovered the lair of Ghurthak, a notorious half-ogre. He surprised us all be asking merely to be left alone. He knew his days on Faerun were numbered, and he just wanted to live them in peace. He gave us his prized weapon so we could finalize a quest that we had taken upon ourselves when first had come to Oleg’s.

Our explorations took us to the northwestern reaches of where our charter allowed us to explore. Continuing in the hills, we discovered a vein of gold, which excited us greatly. We also met up with some kobolds exploring the area. They were members of the Sootscale clan and gave us no problems. We returned to Oleg’s for a week before heading back out to discover the gold mine.

Heading west, Jamven led us to a peaceful pool along the Thornwash. A fey creature, a nixie he said, named Neeresa, asked for his help. He offered, entered the river, then we watched as she kissed him. We were wary but Jamven didn’t seem concerned. They both disappeared beneath the surface of the pool. A bit later, Jamven reappeared, happy that he had managed to find a treasure that Neeresa couldn’t reach. For some time afterwards, Jamven seemed to be in a very happy mood.

We followed the river south. Along the way, we met three grigs, named Pill, Poll, and Pull. They were flying to meet their cousin, Tyg-Titter-Tut. I think Virgil had a headache the moment we met them. Even if he didn’t, he did a little later on when we found the ruins of a city, or town. We were ambushed by a minotaur. The minotaur charged Virgil, and knocked him down. But the minotaur knocked himself senseless, and Virgil took advantage and killed him with an amazing strike.

We decided to explore the city. Virgil found a ruined temple to Mystra. Something terrible had happened inside, and the temple was in a serious state of disrepair. Virgil cast a simple cantrip to help clean the temple when he was assaulted by a vision. He never has told us exactly what the vision was, but it was enough for him to spend years of his life cleaning the temple, both in a physical as well as a spiritual manner. Virgil convinced us to stay one more day, and we did what we could to help clean up.

Our deaths were near when we found a rickety bridge further south. Orla tried to cross the bridge and failed, falling into the river. Virgil, finally showing his true feelings for Orla, disregarded his own life and jumped into the river to save her. I fell into the river trying to save Virgil, and ultimately did so. But Jamven had to go and save Orla. After that, we rested for a bit before heading back to Oleg’s one last time before going after the Stag Lord.
After we left Oleg’s that last time, we came across Nettle’s Crossing. Davik Nettle was an engineer from Erlkazar who had built a bridge over the river. Apparently the Stag Lord’s bandits tried to run him off, to no avail. So the Stag Lord had his bandits kill Nettle’s and toss his body into the river. However, Nettle rose as an undead, bent on getting revenge on the Stag Lord, which he did through us. As we approached the river, Nettle rose. When he realized we weren’t bandits, he asked us to bring him the body of the Stag Lord, so he knew that he was dead. We agreed. Though to be honest, if I think about it, that was an awful big stretch for us, to not have killed that undead creature outright.

We were then ready to approach the Stag Lord’s fort. Virgil, Orla and I disguised ourselves as bandits. We even went so far to buy a case of alcohol from Oleg so we could use it to bribe our way into the fort if necessary. Jamven was going to sneak through the grass around the fort to try and see if there was another way into the fort. But then zombies rose out of the ground and began chasing him. Some of the bandits saw Jamven running, and asked us to tackle the intruder. So I ran him down, which actually worked out well when we were allowed immediate entry into the fort because of Jamven.
The Stag Lord’s lieutenant, an Akiros Ismort, met us and chained Jamven up on the wall across from the caged area where the bandits had an owlbear named Beaky kept. The Stag Lord came out to receive our liquor, which he was very happy about. He took the liquor back to his room, and Akiros told us that he was going to be getting drunk, and would be so in an hour. Another bandit named Dovan met us then and took an immediate, and frightening, interest in Orla. He gave Orla a tour of the fort while Virgil and I walked around on our own for awhile. But then, when the time was right, I left Virgil behind and began getting involved in a gambling game with some of the bandits. Virgil took that time to sneak into the Stag Lord’s room, past Akiros, and assassinated the Stag Lord. Akiros saw this, seemed to make a decision (as Virgil told us), and tossed his amulet noting his fealty to the Stag Lord to the ground, renouncing him.

Then, we had to fight our way out. Not only was Dovan there, but some other brute warrior named Auchs, AND Kressle, the bandit leader who had operated the bandit’s camp in the Winterwood. But those three managed to escape while we fought our way though the bandits. By the time we were through with them, Dovan, Auchs and Kressle had found an escape path and were running away from the fort.

We discovered a secret door that led below the fort. There, along with what I thought at the time was an unbelievable amount of treasure, was some sort of crazy old man, whom we killed easily after he chose to attack us. Taking the Stag Lord’s helm for ourselves, we took his body to Nettle’s Crossing. Nettle himself rose up to take the body with him. After that, we decided to return to Oleg’s fort to rest, which we did, happy in the knowledge that we had finally defeated the Stag Lord…



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