Kingmaker - Vale of the Reaver

To Cormyr

To High Lorekeeper Telthaunt,

We spent six months after defeating the Stag Lord tying up loose ends in the Vale of the Reaver. At one point, we returned to Oleg’s only to see a great train of wagons awaiting us. Along with the wagons was Dannick Spellstorm, a contact of Virgil’s from the church of Mystra, and my old friend, Yasheira Jassan. With them was Dorn Evenwood, who was there to help protect the wagons. Erlkazar had sent us another charter, this one granting us right to create our kingdom, which is Olmarum. The wagons held settlers, gold, and material, all necessary to found our capital city, which we of course named Lyrilar.

We took our own counsel and needed to decide where to found our city. The primary choices were at Oleg’s, near the ruined temples of Torm and Mystra, and the Stag Lord’s fort. We chose the fort, because of its central location in the vale as well as for the fact that it was located along the Thornwash. We all knew it had the chance to be the great foundations of a castle.

It was two years before we adventured again. In that time, we spent it all growing our kingdom. We built buildings. We increased the land under our control. We founded the council for Olmarum. We voted Orla as our leader. Virgil was our magister. Jamven was our warden. And I was our spymaster. In those two years, only a few events stood out as long term issued for Olmarum. First were the Goblinsmashers. They were an adventuring group who had formed in Lyrilar, purportedly in our own image. When word was received that goblin activity was increasing in the Cloven Mountains, they went forth and didn’t come back until they had stopped (or so we thought) the Clawblood tribe. After that, however, they were only known for getting drunk and destroying some of the various buildings in the city. We finally grew tired of their antics, and I, as spymaster, planted rumors of increasing goblin activity again in the Cloven Mountains, which drew them out of the city and back into the mountains. But they didn’t return, which would return to haunt us.

Another incident had a horse gain sentience, becoming awakened as a druid is capable of doing. It wasn’t until years later we discovered who were responsible… The horse, Thyrsus, was operating a crime organization in Olmarum, out of the stables in the castle no less. My spy operations were the ones who discovered his activities. After some discussions with Thyrsus, we let him go with a small stable of mares so he could create his own little tribe of horses far away from Olmarum. Orla wasn’t happy about that set of circumstances, but was brought around by making her realize how odd it would be to execute a horse.

Finally, we learned just how quickly we came to the attention of the Zhentarim in Mintar. Not long before the second anniversary of the founding of Lyrilar, my agents found Zhent spy in our midst. We put her to trial, where the spy, Zarella Nightshade, fully admitted her activities, to include trying to poison the waters of the Thornwash, which were the city’s primary drinking water supply. Orla ordered her executed, and she was.

We were in a council meeting when Jamven and I noticed Virgil acting oddly, as if he wasn’t paying too much attention to what was being said. Suddenly, he stood up from his seat and walked out of the council chambers. Jamven followed him. He came back and told Orla and I that Virgil was heading to Cormyr of all places, and was going to the Academy to find someone to teleport him there. Also, if we wanted to come along, we should hurry up.

We caught up to him shortly after Virgil arrived at the Academy. Varen was waiting for us. We found ourselves teleported into a forest area. Virgil led the way for us, leading us to the ruins of an estate. Even as we tried to question him, he ignored us, searching for something. Soon enough, we discovered it was someone, not something, he was searching for. We came across a beautiful woman lying on the ground, her body drenched in blood that was pooling on the ground. Virgil called out to her, calling her “Navaereth,” then rushed to her. We pooled all of our healing together to help this woman, and she finally stabilized.

She said that she needed a few days to rest and recover, and Virgil promised to watch over her while she did. During those two days, Virgil told us his true story: that he was a noble of Cormry and that his family had been wiped out by a rival family for the rights to mines his family was operating. Further, Navaereth was a silver dragon, who had saved him from dire wolves or worgs when he was young! Virgil said he was the last son of his family, the Sygtriggs. When she woke up, Navaereth corroborated Virgil’s story, and said that she had come to pay respects to Virgil’s family when she had been attacked by someone wielding a dragonbane weapon. It meant that someone knew who she was, and that the enemies of the Sygtriggs must have thought her to be a protector of the family, and that they were trying to eliminate her.

Beyond that story, Orla didn’t believe Navaereth was a dragon. I will admit, I was skeptical as well, since I had never seen a dragon at all. But then she shapechanged. It was magnificent. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen. I think a small part of me came to love her that day, even with what had been going on between Yasheira and me (regardless of Orla’s activities to try and sway Yasheira against me). More so, however, I finally felt a greater calling. I wanted to help that dragon. I wanted to assist her in any way I could. So I called her away from the rest of the group, where I swore fealty to her and her causes, whatever they may be.

I knew the group would be spying on Navaereth and I, and I was right. Orla led the way, accusing me of trying to propose to the dragon. I suppose she was within her right, since I was on one knee in front of Navaereth. But she didn’t believe me when I told her that I had finally felt a calling, much as she had with Torm (which she still refused to acknowledge), and that Virgil had with Mystra. I told everyone I wanted to become a knight (so to speak) in service to Navaereth, but Orla just continued to insult my actions and what she felt were my true intentions. I finally stopped trying to change her mind.

After that, we were told by Navaereth that the dwarves who were loyal to Virgil’s family were still operating in the mines, though this time to stop the rival family, the Willibald’s from gaining a foothold in the mines. Seeing this as an opportunity to gather some information, we set out for the mines. Before we could get there though, we heard voices outside the mine entrance. A group of mercenaries were camped outside, and spoke of heading into the mines. Jamven and I hid ourselves while Virgil and Orla walked forward openly towards the mercenaries. As you can imagine, things didn’t go well. It was quickly determined that the mercenaries didn’t mean well, and we attacked.

We won the day, but at great cost. During the battle, Virgil had his sword arm cut off by the mercenary leader. He tried to muster a defense. I helped him by rushing forward and managed to disarm the leader. So Virgil grabbed the leader’s sword (with his other hand) to attack him. In return, the mercenary leader grabbed Virgil’s sword to attack him. However, Virgil’s sword (his bonded object!) broke against Virgil’s parry with the mercenary leader’s sword. Not long after, we finally killed the mercenary leader.

Armless, and without his bonded object, Virgil seemed quite depressed. We looted the bodies of the mercenaries, and discovered that the leader’s name was Estem Killwa, who was hired by someone named Savar Villag, to explore the mines and to halt anyone hindering the mining activities. Virgil, meanwhile, discovered that the mercenary’s sword was none other than Ilbratha, the Mistress of Battles, a fabled “Lost Sword of Cormyr.” Virgil told us that he could ask any number of favors in return for this sword to the crown, but he wanted to hold onto it for a little bit. We went back to his estate to recover.

Much against the pleas of Orla, Virgil wanted to go forward into the mines to meet the dwarves. So, we went in. We did find the dwarves, under the leadership of Thurg Firebeard. Just as Virgil was really beginning to explain things, a young dwarf interrupted things and said that the “Dark Ladies are coming.” He didn’t explain further. We found out soon enough what he meant though.

Walking into the caverns were drow females! First dragons, then drow! Apparently, a shadow dragon was attacking a drow community, and they came to ask the dwarves for assistance. Not long after this, we found out that Jamven was associated with this particular shadow dragon. It still hurts my mind to this day to try and explain that… But there it was. Jamven felt he had to help, and so did the dwarves. Even wounded as he was, Virgil wasn’t staying behind. Orla didn’t want him to, but Jamven and I both essentially said it was up to Virgil to decide.

As we went down further into the Underdark to the drow community, Orla just wouldn’t let go of what had gone on between Navaereth and I. She kept insulting me, to the point that Jamven and Virgil both spoke up in my behalf (and not the first time they had done so I may add). But she just wouldn’t let up. And after three years of it, I finally had enough. I finally vented all my frustrations at her assassination of my character (or lack thereof she would say). And as much as I knew it was a dangerous proposition, I said goodbye to my friends, and turned around, by myself, to try and find my own way out of the Underdark…



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